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    World Water Day 2021 - The Value of Water

    • 3 min read

    Every year, the United Nations calls for World Water Day. The theme of this year's commemoration is "The Value of Water". It will take place on 22 March2021 with the aim to encourage people to think about the vital importance of water and its value to each individual. We have responded to this call.

    Flor de Sal is a genuine natural product, a product of the sea. And in the sea today - as in every part of our environment - the traces of the irresponsible use of plastic can be found in the form of microplastics. The only real solution to this global problem is to quickly look for ways to stem the tide of plastic and help the oceans regenerate. And that is what we are doing.

    For this reason, we, the SALINAS D'ES TRENC team, are working closely with a wide range of professionals, scientists and universities to come up with new insights and develop new ways of dealing with microplastics - including, for example, the use of special filtration systems to expand our water intakes and channels.

    To produce salt naturally, seawater flows through large beds of Posidonia oceanica before it enters our salt pans. The presence of these marine plants is considered an indicator of excellent water quality and supports the natural filtration of the water. We are also working on other technical filtration methods to further improve water quality in our salt pans and reduce microplastic levels. In addition, we are currently pooling all our efforts to make our entire production process and the packaging of our products plastic-free. For this purpose, we are cooperating with specialists from the fields of technology and research, in order to be able to package our products without plastic and at the same time guarantee the high quality of our salts.

    Knowing that this is not enough and that every effort counts, we have been involved for years in different projects to protect our environment. In the middle of the maritime-terrestrial natural park of Es Trenc - Salobrar de Campos, with a maritime area covering almost four hundred hectares and a terrestrial extension of about three hundred and eighty hectares, are our SALINAS D'ES TRENC. This natural area, protected by the European Union, is the natural habitat of a great variety of species. We work together with one of the most important birdprotection associations on the Balearic Islands: the Grup Balear d'Ornitologiai Defensa de la Naturalesa. In addition to the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of nature reserves and parks, the association is committed to the resource-saving use of water and they propose measures against overuse and pollution of groundwater.

    In addition, since January 2021, with every FLOR DE SAL D'ES TRENC product purchased, a donation goes to the local environmental protection organisation Save the Med Foundation, which makes an important contribution to the conservation of marine protected areas in the Balearic Islands and aims to help restore the balance and well-being of their ecosystems. They also place great emphasis on working with households, schools and businesses in a people-oriented way, especially to educate and involve the local community in the regeneration of the sea.

    It is important for us to continue to work intensively on various measures that preserve the natural quality of the Mediterranean Sea, the environment and thus also the sea salt that is extracted in our salt pans. Of course, we are aware that our plans and approaches do not have an immediate global effect, but we are sure that every action counts. Only together can we restore a balance in nature that will lead to a healthy and harmonious planet Earth. Change always follows a process that takes time to deliver final results. To achieve those goals that are necessary for the conservation of species and the environment, we believe in active individual work as citizens, in education, in the work of companies, institutions and governments and in the communal spirit, we are all responsible and beneficiaries of a healthy planet.

    All info about our cooperation with Save The Med can be found here.