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    Save the Med was founded in 2018 and aims to contribute to the development for the protection of marine protected areas, as well as to work towards the recovery of their balance and ecosystem well-being. 

    Our goals:

    Taking care of the Mediterranean Sea and its rich biodiversity

    Protecting and enriching the environmental quality of our planet

    Prospering in harmony with the environmentally conscious and pro-active local populations

    Every action makes a difference

    Ab dem ersten Januar 2021 geht mit jedem gekauften Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc-Produkt eine Spende an Save the Med. Das gespendete Geld wird verwendet, um zwei große Projekte voranzubringen, die uns in den Salinas d'Es Trenc besonders am Herzen liegen:


    Save The Med engages individual households, schools, companies and event organizers in learning and working together for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. They aim to reach and engage as many students, teachers, parents and companies as possible in marine regeneration ultimately helping to shape an environmentally caring and proactive local population and future generation. 


    By combining marine scientific research and innovative educational initiatives, Save The Med is working towards the creation and effective management of a network of carefully selected marine protected areas.