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    Since April 2022, Flor de Sal D`Es Trenc and the Noctiluca organization have been working together to advance their fight for a healthy and more sustainable environment. The Mediterranean Sea is one of their main targets.

    Noctiluca is an emerging group of scientists, educators and sea lovers who have as a common goal to bring marine science, the importance of the sea and shipping to all audiences - including those people who otherwise have little access to scientific information channels.

    A remarkable organization created to involve society in the protection of the marine environment. In doing so, Noctiluca works across sectors to instill values of respect, collaboration, and civic action - paving the way for global change.

    Donate hope

    Like the rest of the island, we at Salinas d'Es Trenc are feeling the effects of reduced tourism. As a team of locals and Mallorca lovers who care deeply about the well-being of the island and its people, we are committed to helping those affected and contributing in our own way.

    Together with HOPE Mallorca we have therefore created a special edition of our popular Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc Natural. In three colourful designs, each tin symbolises the large and small deeds with which HOPE supports Mallorcans day after day
    and is intended to remind us how important it is to give hope.

    With every sold can of the special edition a donation goes to HOPE Mallorca, which is directly invested in the purchase of food.

    Give hope now


    Save the Med

    Save the Med was founded in 2018 and aims to contribute to the protection of marine protected areas and to help restore the balance and well-being of ecosystems. WIr thank you for the good cooperation.

    By combining marine science research with innovative educational initiatives, Save The Med works to create and effectively manage a network of carefully selected marine protected areas. Save The Med engages individual households, schools, businesses, and event organizers in learning and collaborating to protect the Mediterranean Sea. Their goal is to reach and engage as many students, teachers, parents, and businesses as possible in marine regeneration, ultimately shaping an environmentally conscious and proactive local population and future generations.