Tradition, craftsmanship, quality and enthusiasm are the foundations of our company Gusto Mundial Baleárides.

Just one year after we first harvested Flor de Sal in the Salinas d’Es Trenc in 2003, we flavoured the salt flower with other natural ingredients. At that time an innovation on the European market, these days we produce mixtures of the highest quality sea salt with aromatic herbs, spices, dried fruits or dried flowers, frequently in organic quality.

Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc, a highly prestigious product from the Balearic Islands, has been awarded numerous prizes on several occasions and is an essential complement to any dish for chefs, restaurateurs and travellers from all over the world.

The business concept was awarded the “Innovative Project” Prize by the Mallorcan municipality of Calvià in 2004. To date, Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc has been internationally recognized for its quality and innovation on many platforms such as institutions, media, associations, quality seals, gastronomic guides and competitions.

At one of the most important Asian trade fairs in 2010, GULFOOD, for the first time in its history, awarded two prestigious prizes to the same product, Flor Sal d’Es Trenc: BEST NEW HEALTH FOOD OR BEVERAGE INGREDIENTS 2010 (the award for the best and healthiest food or drink or the best and healthiest ingredient 2010) and BEST NEW PACKAGING INNOVATION 2010 (the award for the best and most innovative packaging 2010).