Salt knowledge

What salt do we harvest from the salt pans?

Flor de Sal

Flor de Sal is our premium salt. It crystallizes on the surfaces of the salt pans. From there it is also skimmed off by our salineros - our skilled salt workers.

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Pur de Sal

Pur de Sal is also a natural sea salt from the salt pans. It is slightly coarser than the delicate Flor de Sal. Its quality is superior to conventional sea salt.

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On the trail of salt

Click on the numbers to trace the path of the salt from the sea to the product. You can see the location on the map.

The "KM 0"

Es Trenc beach is home to kilometer 0 of natural salt production. Here the sea water makes its way to the salt pans. The square stone construction directs the water towards the canal.

The working phases of the Salinero


At the beginning of March, the salinero has to clean the rainwater from the pools. The salt pans are thus prepared for the correct salt concentration.


Summer is harvest time. The salt crystallizes in the ideal conditions of sun and warm wind. The salinero scoops it from the surface.


In the fall there is a recovery period for Salineros.


In winter, care must be taken to ensure that the salt pans are not affected too much by the weather.