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    Marinated salmon with potato pancake and lime sour cream


    For the salmon:

    1 pc. salmon on the skin approx.500g

    100g sugar

    100g Flor de Sal Orange & Chilli organic

    1 pc. Carrot

    ½ Piece of celery

    1 stick of leek

    2 oranges

    4 cloves

    3 star anise

    5 juniper berries

    For the salmon, cut the vegetables into cubes and mix them with the Flor de Sal and sugar. Crush the spices with a mortar and also mix them in. If necessary, remove the bones from the salmon and cover with the Flor de Sal sugar mixture. Cut the oranges into slices and place them on the salmon. Cover with foil and weigh down. Let the salmon soak for about 2 days. Then clean the fillet and wash it briefly. Cut into slices and serve with potato pancakes and lime sour cream.

    For the potato pancakes:

    2 pcs. large potatoes

    1 pc. shallot

    Possibly 1 tablespoon of flour

    Flor de Sal, pepper, oil

    Grate the potatoes on a large grater, season with Flor de Sal and a little pepper and put aside in a bowl until the starch settles to the bottom. Pour off the rest of the water, add the flour and diced shallots, mix together and add to taste. Fry the potato fritters in portions (they must be in oil).

    For the lime sour cream:

    100g sour cream

    2 pcs. Lemons

    15g icing sugar

    some Flor de Sal and pepper

    Mix all the ingredients for the lime sour cream well together.