Sea Salt flakes del Mediterraneo
Sea Salt flakes del Mediterraneo

Sea Salt flakes del Mediterraneo

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The crystals of the Escamas del Mediterraneo look like little pyramids and are an eye-catcher on every plate.

Typically used as a ready-mix salt, the product has a particularly peculiar texture and produces a brief explosion of heat on fresh vegetables or green salads.

It is used wherever a more lively, saltier presence is desired.



Even today, the original production process for salt flakes has still not changed.

In large stainless-steel tanks, filtered Mediterranean water is strongly heated to form foam on the surface.

This is skimmed off and dried. The result is extremely fine, wafer-thin salt crystals in a spectacular pyramid shape.

Escamas del Mediterraneo should not be included in the cooking process, otherwise its unique pyramid shape and crunchy texture will be lost.

We recommend that the salt flakes are only sparingly added to the finished dishes shortly before serving.

The fine flakes of crystallised salt will perfectly accompany the taste of your dishes and can be served as a decorative element with salads or grilled meat.

Additional information

Weight  0.250 kg
Packed for Gusto Mundial Balearides S.L.
EAN 8437006451062
Origin Spain ES
Quality 100% organic, EEC 834/2007 norm, EU organic logo, EU agriculture / non EU agriculture
Control organism ES-ECO-013-IB / CBPAE
Ingredients Sea Salt from Cyprus
Advice on allergens Contains no allergens
Origin of main ingredient European Union
Storage information Store in a cool dry place
Food regulatory description Sea Salt

Meersalz aus Zypern.

Keine Allergene

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