Gastbeitrag - Die Salinen auf Mallorca

The salt flats of Mallorca

The team of Herz&Blut visited our mallorcan salt works and watched the harvest of the famous Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc. Follow the food and travel experts on their Sunday Walk through the Salinas.

The salt flats of Mallorca

from Jules Villbrandt

Imagine a walk in infinite heat while a light desert-like breeze envelops you. The local field of the Flor de Sal d'es Trenc salt flats on Mallorca appears almost surreal. On a huge area, we harvest our own salt, which is carefully harvested and dried by hand in pools, more precisely in seven hundred small pools. The summer heat as well as low humidity are essential to have perfect conditions for the salt harvest

The Salineros scoop up the thin and easily breakable layers of salt with fine nets on sticks and then lay them on large tables to dry in the sun. Then they sieve the lumps of salt once more to clean the salt.

The salt can be consumed straight from the salt works or refined with herbs and flowers. The hot summer breeze and the admiration for the challenging work the Salineros do to harvest the white gold for fine food remains unforgettable during a short visit and the harvest in the salt works. After the excursion to the salt flats our day ends in the neighbouring Hotel Fontsanta and a dinner with lots of salt. Happy Sunday!

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