Bewusst im neuen Jahr

New Year's resolutions

Inspiration and fresh thoughts for a good start into 2021. 

The last year has flown by, but it has not left us unscathed. 2020 has presented us with new challenges and stimulated unusual thoughts. Some things have become less important in view of the new situation, others more relevant than ever before.

Pondering over good resolutions seems particularly difficult in the current situation. With this article, we hope to offer you a little inspiration and fresh thoughts for the start of the New Year.

Let's start with a deep breath. Let your thoughts wander, close your eyes and put aside for a second everything that is causing stress at the moment. Even short pauses to breathe in our restless everyday lives can work wonders. Moments of mindfulness during a walk as well as any activity in natural surroundings help us to gain clarity and focus or simply to find peace.

The vast sea and the beach of Es Trenc near our Salinas remind us every day how important it is to preserve the beauty and bounty of nature. Perhaps you have been thinking about living a more conscious and sustainable life for some time. The wonderful thing of this resolution is that no one has to turn their whole life upside down to do something good for the environment, because every small step in the right direction brings us a little closer to our goal.


A few ideas for more conscious consumption and a more sustainable everyday life:

- practical reusable carrier bags instead of disposable paper and plastic carrier bags

- Reduce packaging and food waste

- Shopping at weekly markets and focusing on seasonal food as well as food from regional, at best organic agriculture

- Occasionally replace animal products with plant products

There are many resolutions that may change the world and make our lives a little bit more sustainable. At the Salinas d'Es Trenc, we too are working day by day to improve our production further and further in line with this ideal. We all have to decide for ourselves which path is the right one, but if we all help a little, we have the chance to change the world together.

„Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean“ - Ryunosuke Satoro