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    A natural treasure

    So much more than just salt.

    In the south-east of Mallorca is a unique, protected natural landscape of dunes, unspoilt wetlands and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island: the Es Trenc nature reserve. Already in the 4th century BC, Phoenicians and Romans found in this natural environment the ideal waters to extract valuable sea salt.

    Today, in this very spot, just a few kilometres from the coast, we still find the ideal conditions for producing the highest quality salts in our Salinas d'Es Trenc: a gentle sea breeze, plenty of sunshine, low humidity and crystal clear, pure sea water.

    Inspired by the beauty and biodiversity of the Es Trenc nature reserve, we work every day to preserve this special ecosystem, from which not only our salts spring, but to whose existence we make a decisive contribution with their production.

    Preserved and nourished by the respectful exchange between man and nature, this special agreement gives rise to an overwhelming biodiversity in flora and fauna. The Salinas d'Es Trenc and the surrounding nature reserve are home to over 160 different bird species, including avocets, black-winged stilts and numerous flamingos, which always make visiting and working at Es Trenc a very special experience.

    Learn more about the Es Trenc nature reserve, our commitment to protecting our beautiful island and our unique products.