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    Better Together

    Living and doing business sustainably

    Firmly integrated into a nature reserve of almost 25,000 hectares, the Salinas d'Es Trenc are a central component and important nutrient source of their environment. Preserved and nourished by the respectful exchange between man and nature, the special agreement gives rise to an overwhelming biodiversity in flora and fauna. The Salinas d'Es Trenc and the surrounding nature reserve are home to over 160 different species of birds, including avocets, stilts and numerous flamingos, which always make visiting and working at Es Trenc a very special experience.

    Bird Protection

    It is precisely because the naturalness of the island is so central to the quality of our products that we, as a traditional Mallorcan company, are wholeheartedly committed to protecting our environment. For years we have been working with the most important environmental and ornithological association in the Balearic Islands, the GrupBaleard'Ornitologiai Defensade la Naturalesa, through which ornithologists from all over the world visit our salinas every year. In addition to monitoring the local bird population, the association works to preserve biodiversity and protect nature reserves and parks, as well as to conserve water resources.

    Protection of the sea

    Since April 2022, Flor de Sal D`Es Trenc and the Noctiluca organization have been working together to advance their fight for a healthy and more sustainable environment. Noctiluca is an emerging group of scientists, educators and sea lovers who have as a common goal to bring marine science, the importance of the sea and shipping to all audiences - including those people who otherwise have little access to scientific information channels. A remarkable organization created to involve society in the protection of the marine environment. In doing so, Noctiluca works across sectors to instill values of respect, collaboration and civic action - paving the way for global change.

    In 2021, we also donated to Save the Med, an organization whose mission is to contribute to the conservation of marine protected areas and to help restore the balance and well-being of their ecosystems.


    Nature conservation and sustainability are core values of our daily work and underlie all our actions and decisions.

    In purchasing and production, we are increasingly using packaging made from materials that come from an efficient and responsible production process. We facilitate the reuse of packaging for our products, which can have any length of life in various applications. As part of this policy of recovery and recycling, we work with experts who help us to continuously improve. One of our goals is to further reduce the use of plastics in our packaging and throughout the production chain.