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    Celebrating pleasure together

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    Together in the spirit of good taste - this is the motto under which the renowned chef Nelson Müller will accompany us from now on.

    The star chef and cookbook author, who is committed to product transparency on all channels, visited our Salinas a few weeks ago and was delighted with the extraordinarily nature-loving production methods on site: "I got to know a nature reserve where I was able to experience the cycle of salt from its beginning at the sea to its completion in the salt flats. A process that is characterised by a lot of manual work".

    As a top chef, Nelson Müller knows the value of a good spice in particular. "Spices are an integral part of my kitchen and give the dishes the necessary coatings and the final touch". 

    As a natural sea salt, our Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc is particularly suitable for creating outstanding moments of pleasure. "The special thing about this salt, are its qualities as a pure natural product. Clear sea water is the starting point. It is very clean due to its geographical location and the Flor de Sal obtained from it is simply unique because it crystallises on the water surfaces and is then skimmed off by hand," says Nelson Müller.
    But there is more that connects us with the famous star chef than just our love of cooking. "The issue of sustainability and transparency of the products towards the guest is more important than ever," emphasises Nelson Müller. Added to this are the taste and nutritional-physiological properties of our salts, which can contribute to (re)celebrating pleasure and doing something good for oneself, not only in top-class gastronomy but also in the home kitchen.

    Celebrate pleasure and do something good for yourself.

    Nelson Müller has lived in Germany since the age of four. He began his training at the "Fissler Post" restaurant in Stuttgart. There, the chef recognised Nelson's great talent and sent him to Sylt after only half a year to a star chef friend of his, so that his skills could continue to grow with Holger Bodendorf in the Veneto. Nelson Müller is a chef with heart and soul, author of numerous cookery books and known to German viewers from various cooking and entertainment programs. In addition to his love of cooking, he has been a musician since his youth and is also in demand as an artist.



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    Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Hibiscus
    ( 6,66€ / 100g )