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    The effect of the sea on body and mind

    • 3 min read

    Warming sunrays on the skin. Fine-grained sand under the feet.

    On the lips the taste of salty air. In the ear the sound of waves.

    The view goes far into the distance.


    A stay at the sea is like a return to that form of sensuality that is too often denied us in our everyday experience. But it is not only sensuality that makes the sea one of our favourite places of refuge. Above all, the beneficial effects on body and soul draw us back to it again and again.

    Characterized by sun, salt water, wind and humidity, the so-called stimulating climate that prevails in coastal areas has a stimulating effect on our immune system. Not only the summer months by the sea are enriching for body and soul. In winter, the cool sea breeze forces our body to adapt to the harsh climate by generating heat, thereby stimulating the organism and immune defence.

    In addition to the positive effects on the immune system, the sea air, which is particularly low in pollen and dust, leaves us room to breathe. Long walks directly in the surf zone, where the salt content of the water is highest and the fine saltwater droplets can reach directly into the respiratory tract, work real wonders. The salty air clears the airways and cleanses the lungs. Regular visits to the sea therefore have the potential to prevent respiratory tract diseases and colds.

    The skin is another organ on which a stay at the sea has positive effects. Sea salt stimulates its regeneration process in a natural way and thus refines the skin's appearance. Swimming in salt water dissolves dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly soft and fresh.

    Besides its physical-sensual component, the sea also has an influence on our mind. The attraction of the sea comes, among other things, from the scenic contrast to our modern everyday life. The unrestricted view into the distance of the horizon creates feelings of freedom, which carry away everyday worries and invite us to daydream. The constant sound of the sea sounds like music in contrast to the noise of the streets and the babble of voices. The steady rhythm of the surf and the light wave spectrum of the blue-green sea have a calming and stress-reducing effect.

    The consequences: The brain relaxes, thoughts can flow freely, perception improves and our mind opens up for creativity and new ideas. In addition, basic cognitive abilities such as memory and attention are improved.

    The positive effect of seawater on our body is mainly due to its composition. Sodium chloride accounts for a good three quarters of the dissolved substances in seawater. In addition, there are minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Natural sea salts that originate from this richness of nutrients thus differ significantly from refined salts, which consist almost exclusively of sodium chloride.

    The salts of Salinas d'Es Trenc contain more than 80 minerals and trace elements. Their magnesium (Mg) content is up to 20 times higher than in other sea salts. The proportions of potassium and calcium are twice as high. Thanks to this composition, they are not only ideal for seasoning and refining our meals, but also offer a valuable addition to our daily beauty routine

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